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Choosing a First Job in Software

It’s been almost a year since I started a full-time software engineering job. If you knew me during my senior fall of college, the recruiting process CONSUMED me, most of it fueled by the obsession with finding the right job. Now, a year and a half after making the decision, I’ve noticed differences between what I thought mattered decision-time and what actually has actually mattered.


Roman Lessons

Or, thoughts while reading SPQR.


Explaining Crypto Through Bitcoin

My opinion on the future of crypto changes about twice a quarter, ranging from half-ironically giving investment advice at parties to “maybe everything is fake in this industry but at least the code is cool.” Either way, the code IS cool. Though no one knows what will happen, the future of cryptocurrencies is determined by its builders and users. I want to share my enthusiasm, so more people can become crypto builders and users who propel the ponzi scheme and its benefits.


Observations in China

Self-quarantine reminded me of the long ass list of blogs I wanted to write last summer in China. Instead of writing full blogs, I’ll just bullet point the observations I still remember.

  • Tencent’s main revenue stream isn’t ads, but gaming.
  • My Chinese friends lament that Chinese education doesn’t actively cultivate the liberal arts.
  • WeChat public accounts provide the social discourse of OpEds and sometimes even reporting. They can still be shut down though.
  • Chinese national pride stems from historical identity. American national pride originates from founding values, especially freedom.
  • Something something having more kids redistributes wealth.
  • A new frontier for growth helps navigate conflicts (between people with access to the new frontier).
  • Ayn Rand gave me really conflicted thoughts about community service lol

Sci-fi induced reflections

Remember when everyone shat on Jeff Bezos for saying “The only way that I can see to deploy this much financial resource is by converting my Amazon winnings into space travel,” when world hunger exists?


Higher ed in the free market

Privilege is always on my mind when I think about higher education, especially while I’m in China.


American-branded optimism

The Dark Forest reminded me that “the future will be better” is a relatively recent belief. It hasn’t always been true, considering ancient Rome enjoyed higher living standards than the Middle Ages. After the Industrial Revolution, however, human life quality steadily improved, as did our faith in an imaginary future.


Hello world!!

Also considered:

  • hayy universe
  • 世界你好!
  • hii cosmos!
  • I’m alive bitches.